- A-
Abbott, Bill1973
b. Friday, April 13, 1973
r. Toronto
Member of:
Interested in magic since age 5
Many television and film appearances throughout
Canada and Western Europe
1995 - creative consultant for 'Sleight of Mind" TVO short
Latest show: The Magic and Mysteries of Bill Abbott -
a one-man sleight-of-hand, thought-reading show.

Abray, George L.1903 -1996
  (d. February 3, 1996)
  Of Nanaimo, British Columbia
  I.B.M. #8842, member Order of Merlin Excalibur
  member Ring 92/Vancouver B.C.

Acer, David19--
b. Montreal
r. Montreal
David Acer's eclectic talents as a magician, writer, actor
and comedian have been featured on dozens of
television shows, including A&E's Comedy on The Road,
CBC's Just For Laughs, Discovery's Grand Illusions,
CTV's Comedy Now, and ABC's America's Funniest
People, where he placed second behind a vomiting
squirrel.  He has appeared 10 times at the Montreal Just
For Laughs Comedy Festival, penned scripts for a variety
of award-winning television shows (Popular Mechanics
For Kids, Animal Crackers, etc.), written four best-selling
magic books ( Natural Selections I and II, The Close-Up
Assassin and DeSouza's DeCeptions), and he is
currently a writer and host of Discovery Kids'
Gemini-Award nominated series, Mystery Hunters!

Alain le magicien(see Langlois, Elphege)

Alberstat, Paul   1963 
(b. February 23, 1963)
Born:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Status: Married: T.a. McDonald (b. Sept. 25, 1972) in
Toronto, Canada Sept. 26, 2003, No Children
Was the second recipient of the Calgary Magic Circles
"Junior Magician of The Year" 1978, Winner of the Bill
Haney Award 1978 (Western Regional IBM) as well as
1978 close-up award at same.  1979 - Mentalism award
(Western Regional IBM), 1981 - 4th place in the 1st annual
Calgary Youth Talent Contest, 2003 - Bob Haines Award
(P.E.A.). Learned magic from Martin Nash, Micky Hades,
with additional tutoring from Dai Vernon and Slydini.
Author: "Can you keep a secret?"
Editor/contributor - Mind and Magic Magazine
Columnist for "Vibrations", "Channel One", GeMiNi
Television Credits include:
Tom Stone (CBC)
Hollywood Wives, The Next Generation
Illusion of Reality (CATV)
The Buckshot Show (CFCN)
The Paul Hann Show (Syndicated)
Live It Up (CTV Network)
AStyle For Men (WIC/Global Network)
Nite Lites (CATV)
Performed professionally from 1981 to present, now only
known for performing and lecturing as a
mentalist/psychic entertainer, Paul has also entertained a
variety of leading personalities, royalty and celebrities,
some of whom include: Stella Stevens, George Kennedy,
The Royal Family Of Monaco, John Wood (United States
Consulate General), Jim Peplinski, various MLA's and
MP's from Canada.
July 29, 2004

Amazing Corbin, The(see Fisher, Mike)

Amazing Randi(see Randi, James (Amazing))

Ambrose, Jayson    1970
b. 1970
r. Winnipeg Manitoba
Illusionist, comedian, 'Online' magic store owner,
magic reviewer, writer.
Well rounded performer, credits include television
appearances, writing/performing theatre shows, street
performing, restaurant work and corporate shows. 
After 3 years of professional performing, Jayson
opened his own online magic store. 
(submitted December 10, 2005)

Anderson, Ray  1969
(b.March 12, 1969 )
Born: New Brunswick
Status: Married, 1988
Performer, creator and teacher of magic
At age thirteen, studied acting, music, lighting and sound.
At fourteen, acted and won awards as lead in many-
theatre productions.  At sixteen, started playing in bands,
touring the U.S.A., and Canada.  At ninteen, started -
performing magic on a regular basis.
1995- moved to Toronto... first magician to perform at-
White Oaks Mall, London Ontario... Won third place-
London's First Busker Fest.
1996- hired as the "In House Magician" at The Docks-
Entertainment Complex, Canada's largest adult-
entertainment complex.
1997- one of six Canadian magicians to be filmed on-
the Discovery Channel's, Grand Illusions, The Story
Of Magic!
1998- One of two acts used to promote the TV Series -
Grand Illusions, The Story Of Magic!, through the media-
First Canadian to perform on stage at Market Village Mall,
First Canadian to perform at China Town Centre.
2000- Ray puts together a magic boat tour including-
some of Toronto's best magicians and caps the-
evening off by performing a packing crate escape,
being handcuffed and lowered into 51 degree f.
Lake Ontario.
Instructor at Sorcerer's Summer Safari,(Canadian-
magic camp), presented award winning school-
program, Magic With A Message

Andrews, Everett       1935
                                       b.May 5, 1935
                                       Birthplace: Moose Jaw Saskatchewan
                                       Schooling: Alberta College of Art and Design
                                       Status:Married, Shirlee
                                       International Award Winner: The Choice in Comedy;
                                       Magician of The Year; The Unparalleled Gold Magi;
                                       Top Mentalist; The Best Stage Act; Number One,
                                       Originality; Superior presentation; Close-up Performer
                                       of the Year; The I.B.M.'s Presidential Citation
                                       Member I.B.M. , (Order of Merlin)
                                       Western Canada's most requested School Assembly
                                       Owner and President "MagicXchange"(A division of
                                       Magic World)

Ascroft, David   1958
b.January 5, 1958
b.p.Pangnirtung, NWT (now the Federated Inuit Territory
of Nunavut)
Schooling:BA(Rus) Carleton U, 1984
Aka: Dr. Kaboom
Current or past member of Clowns of Canada,  Canadian
Association of Magicians, International Brotherhood of
Magicians, International Unicycling Federation, Jongleurs
Associes du Quebec, Nanaimo Park Jugglers, Kingston
Juggling Club, World Jugglers Association, Balloon
Council, BalloonHQ, Kingston & Entertainers Network,
Kingston Clown Alley, Ottawa Puppetry Club, Balloons
Around The World - Artist, Dr. Kaboom's Mini Mobile
Circus-owner/ringmaster/performer and Professional
Street Performers Association
The main aspects of David's magic is balloon related but
he also does sword swallowing, stilt walking, puppetry,
ventriloquism, hypnotism, unicycling, juggling, fire
eating and breathing, fire juggling, self-immolation and the
fire whip.
David is coach, sponsor and owner of the Kaboom Krew
Basketball unicycle team and he sponsors the Afghan
Mobile Mini Circus for Children, which operates out of
Kabul, Afghanistan and is co-chair of the Ottawa Unicycle
Invasion, which is the unicycle trials, high jump, long jump
and mountain unicycle competition.
On Thursdays (2006) David teaches circus arts and magic
to youth in Ottawa South.
David has many military awards as well as Canadian
Blood Services awards
(submitted January 17, 2006 with thanks)

Auger, Gwyn 1982
d.b. November 12, 1982
r. Calgary
Gwyn Auger, The Magic Assistant
The most enthusiastic about magic - Makes cupcakes, also
known as The Cupcake Cutie, Pin-up model, Burlesque dancer,
has sugar-gliders as pets
Member: Canadian Association of Magicians, I.B.M.

Since June 7, 2002