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MacCallum, Douglas19--
Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto

Machtinger, Joel19-- - 2004
 aka., Joel the Man of Mystery
 r. Toronto, Ontario
 d. December 15, 2004
 Father:Eddie, Mother:Ethel
 Two Brothers: Arnold and Rick
 Taking an interest in magic and finding Harry Smith of the 
 Arcade Magic Shop in Toronto, Joel was first a friend of 
 Harry's and then Harry became a mentor to a guy who was 
 to become "the magic guy" in the Toronto area.  Joel also 
 became a demonstrator at the Arcade Magic and Novelty
 Company, and was an exceptional close-up
 performer.  Joel performed many times on the CBC and 
 made many other television appearances in the late 60's 
 including commercials.  Known for his coins on the 
 fingertips production, he could be caught practicing on 
 that tiny vertical mirror on the Arcade's wall. He performed 
 many types of magic but was best known for his sleight of 
 hand excellence which lead him to a second place FISM 
 finish and someone who became a regular at 4F, attending 
 most of the conventions from their inception.  Joel went 
 on to mentor many other magicians 
 Member and Past President I.B.M. Ring 17.

Magician Raj(see Wuprisha, Rajeshwar)

Mahoney, Kevin19--

Mandrake, Lon1948 -
Born: Chicago, Illinois
r. Delta, British Columbia
Wife: Linda
First son of Leon and Velvet Mandrake, Lon moved
to Canada in 1958 and resided there ever since.
A past President of the B.C. Science Teacher's-
Association and a performing mentalist with his wife, Linda.
They have performed at the Magic Castle in Holywood,
the New York Hall of Science, Science World, Vancouver
and many corporate and private parties.
Lon also performs science magic at major science-
conventions in B.C. and Alberta as well as schools.
He is President of Assembly #95 of the S.A.M., and the -
Regional Vice President for Canada of the S.A.M.
Awards:Several for excellence in Science teaching,
as well as the Distinguished Service to Science -
Eduaction Award.

Mandrake, Leon1911 - 1993
(b.April 11, 1911 - d.January 27, 1993
Wife: Velvet (Salerno)
Children:Lon, Ron, Kim, Jill
Born in the United States but raised in New Westminster,
British Columbia, as a child, he witnessed the great -
magicians of vaudville and learned magic from some -
of the greats including Howard Thurston, 
Claude Alexander(the Man Who Knows), Chefalo,
Doc Verge, Bannister and Ralph Richards.
He began performing at an early age himself, and
at age eleven, took the stage of the Edison Theatre in -
New Westminster as one of the vaudville acts.
Leon joined Moyer's Carnival at age 14 -  
learned mind reading, fire eating, ventriloquism and -
acquired some classic illusions from this carnival.
In 1927, Leon Joined the touring magic show of -
Ralph Richards.  In the 1930's, Leon travelled with-
his own magic show and was accomplished as a-
ventriloquist as well. He bought several of Alexander's-
illusions and before long, he had a full evening show -
which criss crossed the United States and Canada.
In the mid 40's he had sold out performances in -
Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Starred in several television shows,
Said to be the inspiration for the popular
"Mandrake the Magician" comic strip
(More to Come)

Mandy, Arthur F.1911 - 1997
 r.Rodney, Ontario
 I.B.M., #32302


Martin, Ron1967
b. Feb. 1, 1967
Birthplace: Windsor, Ontario
Schooling: Graduated University of Windsor, majoring in
Drama In Education.
As an educator in the Peel Region for over 10 years, Ron has 
integrated Drama into Language Arts, Math, Computers and 
even Science & Technology courses.  Ron is currently (April 
2005) teaching Drama, The Art of Television and Integrated Arts, 
integrates cutting edge technology into the arts.  Ron keeps 
active in theatre by performing as a professional magician, and 
can be seen across Ontario entertaining audiences of all ages.  
Once a year he conducts a class for aspiring kids who want to 
learn how to become a magician.  Drama has always been a 
passion for Ron and he directs plays at the senior level.
(Submitted April 24, 2005 with thanks.)

Martin, Cynthia19--
Part of Majinx Illisionists
Awards: 1999 won Canadian Championships of Magic

Martineau, Francis B.19--
  Performer and creator magical effects
  Illustrator and writer of many magic related books,
  especially Silk King Studios books.
  Illustrated and lettered all the original Rice's Books on
  Silk Magic (Vol 1-3), some while in the armed forces 
  during WWII.

Marucci, Peter   1939
                                      b.September 13, 1939
r.Fergus Ontario, Canada
                                      Birth Place: Guelph, Ontario Canada
Member: I.B.M. 
Performing for adults and children since 1957.
Writer, Showtime column for I.B.M. Linking Ring 
Magazine since 1992.  Column won Howard Bamman
trophy for best ongoing series.  Writes monthly or regular 
pieces for on-line journals and monthly magic newsletters 
from New York, South Africa, Ireland and New Zealand.
Performs and lectures at magic clubs and conventions in 
Canada and U.S., with restaurant/bar magic/bizarre magic
including conventions and for groups in North Carolina,
Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Nova Scotia.
(submitted with thanks by Peter Marucci Oct. 29, 2002)

Massey, Brian   1939
b. September 18, 1939
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario
r.Tweed, Ontario
o.Professional Musician/Semi-Pro. Magician
Past member I.B.M. Ring17
Involved for three years with Project Magic at
Hugh MacMillian Rehab Centre and
Summer Magic Camp instructor for 
Community Access Program
Brian also is an Actor/Tech/Magical Director for the 
"Tweed National Theatre"
Ted Tiller's "Dracula" a.k.a. Dr. Richard Von Terror/
Halloween Spook Show
Dr. Elzevir Grimsthorpe's "Medicine Show"
(Submitted June 20, 2001)

Matlin, Phil         19--
Owner, Perfect Magic in Montreal

Maya                  19--

McBurney, Charles (Charlie)  19--
   r. Toronto, Ontario
   A regular at FFFF, Charlie is one of the great 
   close-up card men in Toronto, performing for 
   over 40 years.  Expert in all forms of close-up 
   including coins. 
   Author, lecturer, performer and racontour.
   Willis Kenney was his mentor.

McArthur, Allister (Al)1922 - 1984
  b. Jan. 1922
  d. Nov. 1984
  Children:   Kimberly Everett & Cindy
  r. Karsdale, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
  Member: I.B.M., I.B.M. Ring 49 Hamilton,
  President I.B.M Ring 49 Hamilton 1979-80
  Al performed many magic shows and especially spent 
  time working the I.B.M. Christmas Shows.
  After moving to Nova Scotia, Al continued to perform 
  doing variety shows and never charged a fee, he
  loved doing it.
   (Submitted by Kimberly Everett Oct. 31, 2005 with thanks)

McCormick, Baron E.1943 - 1996
   (d. June 27, 1996)
   of Toronto, Ontario
   Held IBM # 17510,
   Order of Merlin, member Ring 17/Toronto
   Main magic interest, Cards/Coins

McCoy, Doug19-- -
                                  Past President I.B.M. Ring 49
                                  Magic teacher/performer/M.C.
                                  Doug has helped many in magic.                                  

McDonough, John T.1924 - 1996
 (John Thomas McDonough)
 (d. April 21, 1996)
 Wife: Janet
 Children:3 step-children
 r.Scarborough Ontario
 Member I.B.M., #7018, Ring 17, Order of Merlin 
 At age 18, John was the youngest member of,
 Toronto's Hat and Rabbit Club, I.B.M., Ring 17 in 1941.
 John first became interested in magic as a boy while
 spending time in hospital after a horse and buggy-
 accident which nearly cost him his leg.  John -
 borrowed a silk scarf from an aunt, formed a knot,
 watched it dissolve and was hooked.  John was -
 fluent in French and wrote the French play, 
 Charbonneau et le chef.  He was a former Dominican-
 theologian and author of The Law and Gospel in
  Luther.  He was also Professor Emeritus of -
 Philosophy at Centennial College.
 John was plagued with eye problems for years. 
 He was meticulous in preparing his performances.
 He was a specialist in rope routines and also-
 interested in platform and close-up magic.

McDowell, James19--
  Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto

McGaw, Thomas D.19--
Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto

McQuik, J.K.(see McQuillan, Kevin)

McQuillan, Kevin1964
 aka (J.K. McQuik)
 "Out Of Sleight, Out Of Mind"
 Birth place: Glasgow, Scotland
 b. July 19, 1964
 r. London, Ontario, Canada
 Master Mentalist
 A 20 year veteran of Magic, Mind Reading,
 Illusions, Hypnosis and comedy
 Performed for wide range of audiences
 including large corporate functions,
 trade shows, colleges, high schools, 
  children's parties and others
 Close-up performer at restaurants, bars,
 banquet halls and private functions
 (submitted June 6, 2001)

Mearns, Rick   1958
aka (Tricky Ricky)
b. August 21, 1958
b.p. Prince George, B.C.
r. Vancouver, B.C.
Children: Daughter
Awards: 1995 - First Place PCAM Children's Entertainer
  1993 - First Place PCAM Balloon Twisting
Member: I.B.M., S.A.M.
Corporate entertainer, close-up performer, children's 
entertainment, Rick performs magic full time, consults for 
TV and is a magic creator
(submitted November 5, 2005)

Medway, Ray    19--
Vancouver B.C.
Member I.B.M., I.B.M. Ring 92, S.A.M., C.A.M., F.I.S.M., 

Merritton, Charles Rountree 19--
        r. St. Catherines

Merry, David19--
Stand-up comedian and magician with his own one man 
show, "Remain dot calm"
Many TV and stage appearances.

Michaels, Brian1974-2014

                    born. Brian Moynagh (Stage name: Brian Michaels)
                    r. Burlington Ontario                   
                    b. March 28, 1974 
                    d. February 7, 2014
                   Beloved Husband of Carrie, Father of Sydney, 
                   Son of Ray & Jackie, Brother of Alison
                   A trust fund has been set up in Sydney's name. 
                  Donations can be made at any RBC branch or via internet
                  banking to account # 00712-5117429.
                  Brian Moynagh crammed more life into 39 years than most do 
                  in a lifetime, his wife says.
                  While the Burlington magician was known internationally for
                 his seamless tricks, he was awe-inspiring off stage, too, 
                 as he persevered against his cystic fibrosis.
                Aware from the start of his CF diagnosis, Carrie Lamers says she 
                and her husband lived life together "with eyes wide open but a 
                healthy dose of denial — We knew what we were getting into,
                but we never dwelled on it at all."
                Even after receiving a double-lung transplant in 2006, he was 
                back on stage in two months.
                Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, director of the Toronto lung transplant 
                program, wrote to Lamers that "seeing him do his ski jumps AFTER 
                having had a double lung transplant was not only amazing, but again
                 an inspiration to other patients and the whole lung transplant team."
                After his transplant, he began doing motivational talks in tandem 
                with the entertainment to raise awareness about transplants for people 
                living with CF.
                Lamers and Moynagh met in 1995 while studying business at 
                Sir Wilfrid Laurier University. By 1998, they were married and living in
                 Burlington. That same year, they toured the world as an opening act for 
                Celine Dion.

Midbo, Teresa   19--
r. Calgary
The other half of the team of Murray Hatfield & Teresa,
Teresa Midbo trained at an early age in gymnastics going to 
the Provincial Championships and moving to dance at the
age of 10. She studied jazz, ballet, tap and modern dance in 
Canada with additional training and workshops at several 
top schools in L.A.. Again she received many festival 
awards for her talent.  Following graduation, Teresa began 
to teach and perform professionally with a number of dance 
companies, also appearing in music videos and television 
In 1992 Murray saw Teresa perform at the Fringe Festival in 
Edmonton and hired her as one of six dancers for the 
Canadian touring production of 'Illusions...A Magic 
Spectacular!'. Her talents and abilities were immediately 
apparent and the following year, Murray hired her back as 
choreographer, dancer and dance captain.  On each 
consecutive tour, she was given a larger and more 
important role in the magic side of the show until, in 1996, 
Teresa was hired full time to work with Murray Hatfield 
Productions, as choreographer, dance captian and
principal assistant.  From that moment on, she has been an 
indispensable partner to Murray, both in performing 
on-stage and in the creation and routining of the magic 
offstage.  Together with Murray, Teresa has performed from 
Canada to Australia and on Cruise ships around the world.  
She played an important role in their award winning act at 
the Pacific Rim Magic Championships and continues as 
magic partner, dancer, cheographer and dance captain.

Milburn, Nathan1982
b.June 7, 1982
r.Moncton, New Brunswick
Member of C.A.M.
Member of The Magic Circus in Saint John
Schooling: 4th yr. of BSC, Biology Honours at 
UNB Frederiction
Into magic since age 7 years.
Been performing street magic for past 8 years and has
been performing semi-professionally, close-up (mainly) 
and stand-up stage shows (up to 300 people) for the past 
3 years.  
Slogan, Real Magic - Real Close!
(Submitted with thanks from Nathan Milburn July 16, 2003)

Minch, Stephen19--
Apprenticed under Mickey Hades in Calgary
Currently residing in Seattle 

Mitchell, Ron1920 - 2000
 b.August 20, 1920 - d.November 9, 2000
 Member of I.B.M. for more than 20 years...
 Member of I.B.M. - Rings 12/Buffalo, 49/Hamilton
    - 294/Fonthill
 Also member of Canadian Association of magicians and
 Fellowship of Christians.
 Ron was a locomotive Engineer for CNR for 38 years 
 Retired 1984.
 Church Elder and Deacon, conducted "Sign of the times" -
 Church class Monday nights.
 Avid supporter of Junior B Canucks Hockey and -
 Was involved in several bowling leagues.
 "Uncle Ron", as he was known throughout the Niagara
 Peninsula, performed annually at the Virgil Stampede.

Moore, Allin Herbert1921 - 1999
(d. January 15, 1999)
of Vancouver British Columbia
I.B.M #48677

Morrissey, Danny         19--

Morrissey, Herbert Lewis (Herb)    1938 - 2003
  b. February 6, 1938
  d. August 13, 2003
Status:married, wife, Shirley Anne (Howes)
Children: Danny, Kim
Herb got his start in magic as a young boy 
when he was given a magic kit and his interest 
quickly grew and he was soon doing shows.  
At age 10, he was chosen to be part of an all
kids variety show, which included a juggler, 
singer, ventriloquist and Herb as magician.  The 
group was so professional that they were once 
flown into Northern Quebec and Labrador to 
perform for the troops at Canadian Forces 
bases.  Herb performed many shows all the 
way through his teens.
He met the love of his life Shirley Anne Howes
and they dated and were married shortly after.  
Shirley recalls when they first met, Herb was 
playing a club and he invited her to see his act.  
When he walked out on stage, Shirley asked a 
friend, "Who is that man on stage?", the friend 
replied, "That's Herb!"  She couldn't believe this 
was the same guy.  Herb off stage was quite 
shy and Shirley said he transformed into a 
totally different person when he hit the stage.  
She also said Danny and his sister Kim, were 
the most popular kids in the neighbourhood, at 
birthday parties, all the kids wanted to come, 
because there would always be a magic show.
At the age of 23, Herb turned professional and
quickly became one of the busiest performers 
on the Montreal club scene and throughout the 
province of Quebec.  He had a style and grace 
on stage that has only been seen a handful of 
times.  He worked the clubs and eventually 
started the first business, Herb Morrissey 
Products in 1959, a very small business, in fact 
he only had one product, Morrissey Cups and 
Balls.  Soon other products were introduced, 
Chop Cups, Dove Pans, Zombie Ball and Lota 
Bowl to name a few.   Richard Olsen eventually 
became Herb's business partner and along 
with his original metal spinner, Leo Lambert 
(now deceased), paved the way to Morrissey 
Magic's success.  Herb eventually got out of the 
showbiz end of magic to focus all his attention 
on the business end of magic.
In the seventies in Montreal, Morrissey Magic 
had many lecturers the likes of Vernon, Derek 
Dingle, Buckingham, Paul Harris, and 
Goshman, many of whom would stay at Herb's 
Herb had many serious health issues but 
always held his head up and made the next 
hurdle.  There were many hospital stays over 
the last 3 years of his life.  Nurses that cared for 
him number in the hundreds and there were 
many doctors.  Initially he had a heart attack 
among other problems, and it was decided that 
he would need a heart transplant.  The 
transplant was a success and 2 months later, 
he was out of the hospital and recuperating at 
home.  Shortly after he was back at the shop 
doing what he liked best, demonstrating magic. 
He went to the shop 2 or 3 days a week for a 
few months.  Then another blow, cancer was 
found in one of his lungs and would have to be 
removed.  The operation went well and it was 
believed that all the cancer was removed, again 
he headed home to rest and even made it back 
to the shop for a visit.  Herb's health started 
failing him again.  He had not been comfortable 
for some time and was almost always in 
constant pain.  Ultimately Herb was diagnosed 
with cancer throughout most of his body and 
had even started chemotherapy treatments. He 
put up a great fight, but on Wednesday 
afternoon, August 13, 2003, Herb passed away 
at the Toronto General Hospital Peacefully.
Morrissey Magic continues its business with
Danny Morrissey and Richard Olsen at the 

Moynagh, Brian  (See Michaels, Brian )

Munro, Al       (See Below)

Munro, Elmer (Al) Robert1925 - 2002
                                                      b. June 11, 1925 d.October 7, 2002
                                                      I.B.M. #22443M
                                                      Order Of Merlin
                                                      Member, I.B.M., I.B.M. Rngs 256 (London, Ont.), 
                                                      49 (Hamilton, Ont.), and 12 (Buffalo, NY). Society Of 
                                                      American Magicians, one of the Founding 
                                                      Members of Canadian Association of Magicians,
                                                      Regular attendee of FFFF convention, wehere he 
                                                      earned his Masters Degree for performing in 2001.
                                                      Al Munro, known recently with his 'Geritol Kid' act, 
                                                      delighted audiences and magicians alike for many
                                                      Al has lectured for many local I.B.M. Rings with his
                                                      pal Rocky Racoon, and his fantastic self made 
                                                      coin effects.
                                                      As a Jeweller for many years in Norwich, Al honed 
                                                      his skills at working with tiny springs and dials,
                                                      and came up with some of the best coin effects in
                                                      Canada including a Toonie, (our local $2.00 coin),
                                                      which suddenly comes to life as the center portion
                                                      of the coin revolves.
                                                      As an inventor, Al and a friend invented a bicycle 
 built for 2 which faced in opposite directions.  It 
 could be steered from the rear seat and drive in 
 any direction forward or back.  Became a hit at the 
 Grey Cup Parade.
 Al began as a juggler and clown during World War 
 2, entertaining the men on his ship, later 
 performing for various clubs in his home town.  He 
 progressed to a manipulative act during which he 
 had a costume change into a clown.  A few years 
 later, he left the clown behind and performed a 
 straight manipulative act. 

Murdoch,  David G. 1941
    b. September 16, 1941 
    b.p. Vancouver, BC.
    r. Vancouver, BC.
    David G. Murdoch is a member of the Pacific Coast Assn. of
    Magicians, the International Brotherhood of Magicians and
    The Vancouver Magic Circle.
    He has been a proud member of The Vancouver Magic Circle
    for 45 years and served as President in 1968 and 1974.
    In 1964 David was presented with his Magic Wand and in 1968,
    was awarded the Golden Rabbit Award.  In 1982 he won the
    Wilf Rutherford Trophy for the best childrens' appeal magic

Murphy, Howard19--
  r. St. Catherines
  Does mostly adult magic 
  Was maintenance forman on Welland Canal

Murray, Luke      19--
Luke became interested in magic by walking in to Browser's Den 
and receiving a warm welcome. After 2 short years at Sorcerer's Safari
and studing under Bill Abbott, Luke won a trophy at CAM 2007
convention in Kitchener for his close-up routine Luke's Restaurant. 
At age 13 yrs, Luke is an active member of Hamilton Ring. 

Since June 7, 2002