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Bacon, Neale 1959
b.March 12, 1959
Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia
r.Burnaby B.C.
Interested in magic at age 6 while watching Peter Rolston's
kid's TV show called Pete's Place in the 60's.   Turned 
Professional in 1977, after graduation and continues to 
perform in Vancouver area. Has written articles about 
performing and ventriloquism scripts.
(submitted June 8, 2001)

Baker, Ralph19--
  Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto

Batchelor, Tom19--

Bateman, Jake 19-- 

Baxter, Thomas (Tom)   1954
b. September 18, 1954
Birthplace: Dunnville, Ontario
Schooling: York University
Studied Magic with Harry Smith, Mentored by James 
Randi, amongst others.
Last demonstrator at the now-legendary Arcade Magic & 
Novelty Shop (Toronto)
Performed shows, private and public, in 31 countries 
around the world.
Noted for his 90 minute, one-man Mentalism show: 
T. BAXTER - ThoughtControl
Acted as Magic Consultant for:
-The Stratford Festival (7 Seasons, including the premier 
staging of Robert Davies' WORLD OF WONDERS);
-The National Ballet Of Canada's NUTCRACKER;
- Films, including THE SANTA CLAUS and DAREDEVIL
- Numerous Television Programmes, most notably 
GRAND ILLUSIONS (a 50 - part Documentary series on 
the history,  personalities and lore of Magic, for which he 
acted as Magic Consultant, Writer and Performer); and 
THE MAGIC OF CANADA (A prime-time CBC Special, 
which he wrote, co-produced, and acted as Magic 
Consultant and Performer.)
In 1986 he also wrote, directed and performed in SHOW 
CANADA 86', which toured 5 Countries in two of their 
own airplanes, with a cast and crew of 29 people.
Recipient of the prestigious CHALMERS AWARD -
for Artistic Merit.
Past President of Toronto Ring 17 of the IBM.
Lecturer, Author, Performer, Magic Consultant

Ben, David1961
  b.March 5, 1961 
  Schooling: University Of Toronto, London School of Economics,
   Graduated Law, University of Western Ontario
  Magician, magic historian, keynote speaker, author
  Studied magic for 6 years with legendary Ross Bertram
  Performed private shows and worked for Morrissey Magic
  Did resort circuit with one hour show
  Performed "The Conjuror" and "The Conjuror II" at - 
  Prestigious Shaw Festival, Niagara-on-the-Lake - 
  Ontario, recreating turn-of-the-century magic show.
  "Conjuror" Documentary produced and shown for A & E and CBC
  Later performed, "The Conjurer's Suite", at Toronto's
  Royal Ontario Museum.
  Motivational speaker and one of Canada's preeminent Magicians
  Founder of Magicana, a registered charity dedicated to the exploration of
  magic as a performing art and to increasing the public's understanding and 
  appreciation of this art.  Magicana stages public performances and online
  exhibitions about magic, hosts "Magic Hands", an interactive outreach 
  program that using magic as an introduction to creativity and hosting
  camps for kids interested in magic, creativity, and the dramatic arts 
  Magicana also providing research facilities and coordinates conferences 
  and seminars for those with an interest in magic.

Bertram, Ross   1912 - 19--
       b. 1912
d. 19--
Birthplace: Canada
Legendary magician, gambling authority, coin magic expert, author 
and sleight of hand expert.  
Ross Bertram was considered to be one of the finest sleight of hand 
magicians in the world with one of the most natural styles of any 
magical artist.

Black, Ariann 19--
r.Las Vegas,  NV, USA
Originally from Canada, Ariann started playing with Magic at an early age. 
She studied Musical Theater in College, and currently is the only 
professional female magician to have a degree in Magic. As a young 
magician, Ariann spent time studying magic with Doug Henning.
A strive for perfection won Ariann the international award of Female 
Magician of the year for 2004. 
Since 1990 Ariann has been working as a professional magician all over 
the world. 
Ariann worked as a magic consultant on "THE CHAIR" for ABC, and 
appeared on Fox's "30 Seconds of Fame."  
Television Appearances: Steve Harveys Bigtime on WB, Peter Reven-
Special on CBC, 2 different BBC Documentaries, The Magic of VEGAS on
Art-A Television, 30 seconds to fame on Fox Television, Lance Burton's 
Guerilla Magic on Animal Planet, Circus Magic on Italian Television,
The Chair on ABC, The Greater Magic of Las Vegas on Fox Family.
Revue Shows: X-GIRLS 2006, SPLASH 2004, SECRETS 2002-2003,
Magic Frenzy 2002, Magic, Magic, Magic 2001, Magic Samba 2001,
Vegas Magic 2000, Dreamgirls 2000

Boittiaux, Don    1963 
(see Faith, Don)

Booth, Dr. John Nicholls     1912
                                           b.August 7, 1912
                                           r.California U.S.A.
                                           Mother: Margaret Nicholls Booth 
                                           Father: Sydney Scott Booth
                                           Moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1928
                                           Graduated from McMaster University 1934
                                           Author of 17 Books, hundreds of magazine and
                                           newspaper articles, reporter, magician, 
                                           cinematographer, lecturer and Unitarian clergyman.
                                           (more to come)

Boratto, Udino (Anthony, Tony)    1923 - 1991
b. March 7, 1923
b.p. San Martin di Lupari, Padova, Italy
r. Burlington, Ontario
Tony (Anthony), or Udino Boratto was active in magic
circles in the 1940's and 1950's.
Member of: I.B.M. , I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto
Tony performed and manufactured magic equipment and 
tricks and constructed Ross Bertram's sword through 
American 50 cent piece, and other effects such as his card 
trimming device.  
His career was as a tool and die maker and then engineer, 
but he always loved magic.  
He died of cancer in 1991.  
His son, Gary Boratto sent this, "My mother explained 
why he stopped performing at the burlesque houses of the 
1950's because he was a very moral kind of guy, a 
good Papa too. "
Further, Gary writes, "Curiously, Udino is buried in 
Burlington Ontario, next to prominent wrestler and 
humanitarian (Whipper) Billy Watson."
Gary had some further thoughts about his father and writes
as well, " He always held things like a magician, even a salt 
shaker.  He often looked like he was going to pull a rabbit out 
of a pot brother very much picked up his 
(submitted with thanks February 20, June 30, July 28, August 1,  2005 by Gary Boratto)

Boss, Rod19--
 Travels extensively entertaining throughout Europe, Asia and North America
 with comedy magic act.
 Trade show and sales event magician as well as walk around specialist.
 Close-up or stage
 Also stages motivational and creativity seminars.
 His list of clients include many Fortune 500 companies.

Boucher, Jean19--
r. Montreal

Bowyer, Tom1902 - 1949
aka., Van Russell
Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto.
Inventor of Repeat Dollar Bills Effect

Brohman, Jake19-- - 

Bronson, Rick19--
Status: Married
Well know Canadian Television Host and Stand-up Comedian
who is also an accomplished magician and performs magic on 
stage.  He has done "Duling Magicians" with David Acer on a 
comedy special. Rick does a lot of corporate work.

Bruce, Ted19--

Burke, Loyal S.---- - ----
 Charter member IBM Ring 49 Hamilton, Ont. Canada 

Since June 7, 2002