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Dean, Dicky19--
Birthplace: London, Ontario
Status: Married
Chidren: son Bruce.
Schooling: graduated from London Teachers' College ,
later from the University of Western Ontario with a B.A.
in Geography in 1971.
He left teaching 1974 along with his wife Marg to pursue
magic full-time with their "Magical Doves" stage show.
He was neither a close-up nor walk around magician.
At the time of writing this archive, June 2006, he and his
wife Marg have been performing magic full-time for 31
years, and they continue to perform their stage show
across Canada.
Dicky and Marg Dean have appeared in every province
in Canada with their show, six times on CBC-T.V. from
Montreal plus numerous other T.V. and radio shows
across Canada. He set a record in his own career by
appearing at the Magic Lantern Theatre (Laterna
Magika) in Montreal for 36 consecutive appearances.
Dicky Dean's exciting career as a magician began when
he was very young. At age ten he received a book as a
gift entitled Magic by Walter B. Gibson. Immediately he
became fascinated by magic. London magician
Everette Mires was most helpful in getting him started.
When he was twelve years old he entered the
entertainment section of the London Hobby Fair and
won first prize. The following year, thirteen year old
Dicky Dean learned that the Kiwanis Club was offering
a scholarship for the best overall performer. Dicky Dean
won it. News spread fast about his success and Percy
Abbott of Abbott's Magic Company in Colon, Michigan
invited him to perform at Abbott's annual magicians'
convention as Dicky Dean Canada's Youngest
Magician. This was the first convention that he ever
attended, and there he was performing at it. There he
met Neil Foster who inspired him to enroll as a student
at the Chavez College of Manual Dexterity and
Prestidigitation in Hollywood, California.
It was a long train ride from London, Ontario to Los
Angeles, California for a 15 year old boy who was about
to begin personal studies under Ben and Marian
Chavez. While at the Chavez College he invented the
Zombie Fire Climax. It became a competition winner. He
has since made it available to magicians around the
world. While in Hollywood he met Harry Blackstone Sr.
and they had their picture taken on the corner of
Hollywood and Vine. While at the Chavez College his
fellow students were Andre Kole, Norm Nielsen, Ruth
Ann Magee, Clyde Cronkhite, Joe Hart and others. Two
years later he returned to the Chavez College and
graduated. While there he stayed at the home of the
Cronkhite family of whom Clyde was one of two sons.
(In the April 2004 M-U-M Dicky Dean wrote an article
entitled A Visit to Clyde's Bar, Clyde Cronkhite,
Featuring the History of Magic, the Art of Magic and a
Creative Magic Show in the Privacy of His Own Home
by Invitation.)
November 1963 Editor Neil Foster featured Dicky Dean
on the cover of Abbott's New Tops. The inside story
was written by London's well-known magician Everette
Mires. Later, Dicky Dean's photo also appeared in
Abbott's Tops Pictorial Album of Magicians.
October 1969 Dicky Dean and Marg appeared on the
stage show at the NYCAN, New York  Canada Conclave
(Magicians' Convention) in Elmira New York. Some of
the other acts appearing with him were Earl Canapp
and Lee Gray.
In 1972 they were invited to appear on the stage show
at the NYCAN convention again, in Rochester, New
Dicky Dean was nominated by the directors of Hocus
Pocus magazine for an award. Here are some excerpts
from the letter to him. "Awards are presented in New
York City at our semi-annual Hocus Pocus
Conventionwe would like to arrange a date with you to
appear at one of our future conventions to accept the
award." Past winners have included Harry Blackstone
Jr., James Randi and Tom Ogden.
October 4, 1973 Dicky Dean was invited by the late Jack
Hareen to lecture before the Hat and Rabbit Club, Ring
17 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians,
Toronto, where he presented a 90 minute lecture.
As well as writing articles for magic magazines and
newspapers he has written three books: The Dean
Speaks, Using Magic in Teaching and Magic. In
addition, he has invented the following effects that have
been made available to magicians around the world:
Zombie Fire Climax, Dove from a Newspaper with
Instructions for His Special Flower Effect. The New
Fountain of Silks, The Dicky Dean Miraculous Ribbon,
The Dicky Dean Silk Tie, The Dicky Dean Five to One
Sensation, The Dicky Dean 20th Century Silks in a
Newspaper Miracle and The Dicky Dean Impossible
Link. Dicky Dean's invention of the Zombie Fire Climax
is now documented in the book Joe Karson, Beyond
Zombie by Michael Rose 1999. Dicky Dean's silk and
newspaper effects were scheduled to be published in
Harold Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic Volume 4.
Unfortunately Harold died and his Volume 4 was never
published. The effects remain in the possession of his
The story of the life of Dicky Dean was featured in John
Booth's Memoir's of a Magician's Ghost in The Linking
Ring September 1997.
Len Vintus, who was a founder and first member of the
International Brotherhood of Magicians featured Dicky
Dean's large photograph under Canadian Magic
Busters in his book Magicians of the World.
A photograph and story of Dicky Dean and Marg
appeared in John Booth's book 1990 Creative World of
Dicky Dean is in Who's Who in Magic by Bart Whaley
August 2003 Marg and Dicky Dean were featured on the
cover of MUM magazine. Following the cover and the
cover story he began featuring a regular column
entitled Stage Magic by Dicky Dean.
January 2005 Dicky Dean and Marg Dean were featured
on the cover of Northern Peaks  a Journal for Canadian
Magicians along with a feature article entitled So You
Want to Become a Full-time Professional Magician Do
Dicky Dean and Marg have been written about in most
magic magazines in the U.S.A. and regularly in The
Magician magazine in London, England.
December 2005, Dale Salwak of the Chavez College of
Magic wrote, Do you perhaps have plans to attend the
IBM in Miami June 27-July 2 Would you have an interest
in coming in as a guest artist? They were already
booked to perform in Saskatchewan and could not
perform at the IBM convention.

Dean, Marg19--
Born London, Ontario
Children: son Bruce.
Schooling: Graduated London Teachers' College and
University of Western Ontario B.A. in Psychology 1971.
Left teaching 1974 to pursue magic fulltime with her
husband Dicky Dean. Experienced grade one & two.
Because of teaching, developed an impressive
children's birthday party show and later presented
certain effects for Dicky Dean magic show for children.
Worked at Holiday Inn,  London, Ontario on a trial basis
and her show was such a success, she was to appear
there every Saturday for five years.
As her reputation grew the distance she traveled for
shows grew. Soon she was booked by the Sheraton
Inn in Toronto to appear with her children's show.
Marg's photo, along with Dicky Dean, was included on
M.U.M. magazine cover, August 2003 and later on the
Northern Peaks cover, January 2005.
Marg appears between Windsor and Toronto with her
children's birthday party show on a regular basis.
Along with the Dicky Dean show, and while acting as
his assistant, she appeared six times on CBC  T.V. and
once on television in New York, plus numerous other
T.V. and radio shows across Canada.
Marg is also business manager for the Dicky Dean
magic show.  Marg has appeared in every province in

Devlin, James19--
Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto

Devitt, John H.19--
Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto

DiSero, Matthew      1974
b.August 23, 1974
Born:Toronto, Ontario
Performs in the U.S.A. and Canada at corporate
functions, resorts and variety shows.
At 16, was hired to perform at "A little Night Magic",
Canada's longest running magic dinner theatre.
Opened for Drew Carey and Saturday Night Live's
Victoria Jackson.  Headliner at the Great Lakes
Comedy Festival and regularly performs on Armed
Forces tours to Greece, Cypress, Greenland and the
North Pole!  Appeared on Comedy Television shows
such as Canadian based,"Comedy at Club 54" and
U.S. Show Time network's, "The Night Shift" and
HBO's,"Stand and Deliver."

Domino,  Martin   1968
                       b.Montreal 1968.
Martin became interested in magic, when his martial arts
partner  introduced him to a fellow acquaintance who juggled,
busked,  and performed magic throughout Canada as part of a
fringe festival performance troupe.
Following up his initial contact with the Cirque du Soleil in 1987,
DominO completed a complete sleight of hand introduction
through the Camirand Academie De Magie, taught by a very
young David Acer at the magic studios of Perfect Magic.
While studying and performing in Montreal, DominO was lucky
to have been influenced by Romaine, Guy Camirand, Gary
Oullette, David Acer, Richard Sanders, and Jay Sankey. Upon his
induction into the Society of American Magicians in 1989,
DominO was further introduced to some of the best magicians in
the world - as they emerged onto the performance scene from
Montreal and the East Coast. Gary Kurtz, Alain Choquette, and
Carl Cloutier.
Moving to Vancouver, in 1992, brought DominO into new
escapades and new influences. While traveling through Chicago,
the western United States, and British Columbia, DominO had
the opportunity to meet, learn from, and trade ideas with
some of the greatest minds in magic. A pilgrimage to the Magic
Castle in 1996 and other travels up and down the coast have
broadened his appreciation for the ancient art of magic and the
profession of entertainment. Magic has brought DominO around
the world over the past several years.

Downing, Dale19--
r.Calgary Alberta
Professional magician since 1980 working cruise ships,
and touring with full stage show and with one man

Drake, David1931 - 1998
  (A.K.A. David Foote)
  Wife: Elve
  Children: Jennifer
  Schooling: Graduated University British Columbia
  I.B.M. #19453, Member of Merlin
  Past President I.B.M. Ring 17 / Toronto
  Assistant Editor I.B.M. Lining Ring Magazine
  Won two Linking Ring Trophies for contributions
  Board of Directors member and Close-up MC of-
  Fechter's Finger Flickers Frolics (4F or FFFF)
  Moved to Toronto 1953, worked as screen writer for CBC
  1972, became full time magician
  Occasionally taught magic classes at Seneca College
  Regular close-up performer at Obie's restaurant and -
  performed at trade shows and for corporate events
  Exceptional writer and magician
Since June 7, 2002