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Fabian, Nicholas (Nick)19--

Faith, Don 1963
b. September 29, 1963
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba
born : Don Boittiaux
father; John Boittiaux
mother; Jean Moroz
children: Elizabeth and Thomas
First interested in magic at age 7
Moved to Nova Scotia in 1998
First magician to escape from the inside of a welded and locked
shut oil drum submerged to the bottom of the ocean with no
breathing apparatus.
As of Oct 29/2006- has 45 aerial straight jacket escapes to his
credit/ 9 with the trapeze ropes on fire.
Largest illusion and escape show in the Atlantic provinces.
Tours world wide.

Farquhar, Shawn19-- -
    Illusionist, corporate entertainer, close-up performer
   r. Vancouver, B.C.
   Status: Married
   Children: Daughter
   Expert, Shawn has performed world wide
   Awards: 1992 - Pacific Coast Gold Medal Champions
     1991 - Pacific Coast Gold Medal Champions
     1991 - Rising Star of Magic (Mystic Craig Award),
Society of American Magicians
   Member - I.B.M., S.A.M., C.A.M., Magic Castle
   Performs magic, consults and appeared in dozens of
   television series, movies of the week and major motion-

Finn, Derick19-- -

Fisher, Mike       1972
b.August 1972
(see also Amazing Corbin, The)
aka: The Amazing Corbin
b.p. Tillsonburg, Ontario
r. Tillsonburg , Ontario
Member: I.B.M., #63583R, I.B.M. Ring 265 London Ontario, C.A.M.
Currently (Dec.2005) V.P. London Magicians Ring 235
Featured on The New Pl (local TV station) 5 times, 25 newspaper
appearances in 6 different newspapers
Interested in magic as a child after receiving magic kits and joke
items as gifts.
Mike currently volunteers his time facilitating a young magicians
club at the St. Thomas Public Library, for about 2 years (2005). 
He also volunteers shows, workshops and presentations for
disadvanaged and challenged children.  Mike writes about the
young magicians club in the C.A.M. Newsletter.
(submitted December 10, 2005)

Ford, Ron19-- -

Forget, Richard             19--
Richard Forget is a magician with a show that places
him at the forefront of the magic world.  Richard's
signature act, An Urban Phantasy has garnered many
awards. Richard has performed in Canada, the U.S.A.,
Europe and Asia as well as on live television in front of
millions of viewers.
2001 - International Brotherhood of Magicians jury and
People's Choice Champion
2001 - Society of American Magicians jury and People's
Choice Champion
2001 - International Battle of Magicians jury and
People's Choice Champion, (No Magician has ever won
all three competitions in one year)
2001 - Silver Lion Award - China
1999 - Mystic Craig Award - America
1999 - Gold IBM Magic Competition - Finalist

Forrester, Stephen  1961 -
(b.January 1, 1961)
Born: St Albert
Joined I.B.M. 1980
Won awards in magic contests including Western-
regionals in Spokane (1979), Great Falls (1982) and
Calgary (1983).  In 1985 received teacher's certificate-
and published The Art Of Street Magic (1989).
Performed on Television and made magic video -
in Hawaii (1991).  His Bibliography of Magic-
Classics (1993) came out in 1998 and he appeared -
in a video with Mae Moore.
In 2000, his Annotated Discovery of Witchcraft -
Booke XIII appeared.  As of 2001, he has worked-
19 years of Sunday nights doing table magic at the
Japanese Village restaurant and is listed in -
Stan Allan's Magic Magazine under "Who's Where".
He has published over 60 articles in magic-
magazines to date and hopes to convert his -
4, 500+ magic book collection into a Canadian-
Magic Museum some day.

Fournier, Adrian     19--
     (b. )
r. Brockville Ont.
Professional magician for seven years
Started performing in festivals and children's birthday
parties in Sarnia Ont.
October 1998, joined Claude Haggerty Illusion Show
and travelled for two years with the show.
Currently performs at festivals, children's birthday
parties and restaurants.
(submitted May 23, 2003 by Adrian Fournier with thanks)

Freeman, Paul Matthew     19-- - 1988
                                                 In 1988 over the skies of Lockerbie Scotland,
                                                 Pan-Am Flight 101 exploded, taking with it-
                                                 one of Canada's newest upcoming stars.
                                                 Paul Matthew Freeman often performed summer-
                                                 gigs at Canada's Wonderland and also traveled and
                                                 performed for two years with the American Troupe,
                                                 Landis & Company.  He was one of two Canadians
                                                 aboard that disastrous flight.  He had been living and
                                                 studying the arts in London England and was on
                                                 his way home for Christmas with his  Fiancee at the
                                                 time.  He had just signed for his first major movie
                                                 role when the bombing took place.  Paul had already
                                                 performed in a few American movies at that point,
                                                 the most well known would have been Superman IV
                                                 where he had a small speaking part.
                                                (more to come)

Frewin, Greg 1967
  B. May 21, 1967 (Approx 5:00PM)
  Greg Frewin has appeared in countries around the world,
  including a command performance for Prince Ranier in
  Monte Carlo.  Greg has performed on many television
  shows including World's Greatest Magic I, Champions of
  magic and many others.  He has made his own television
  special, a one hour show on a Holland America Cruise
  Greg won first place at I.B.M., S.A.M. and FISM for his
  fantastic dove act.
  Greg was the first to be awarded the Magician of The year
  by the Canadian Association Of Magicians
  He has appeared on stages throughout Las Vegas
  His latest project (Jan 2005) is his magic complex which
  will be located in Niagara Falls Ontario which will house a
  theatre, restaurant and bar and disply some of his exotic
  cats.  Scheduled to open April 2005.

Fulton, Jerry

Furney, Hugo    19-- -
Hugo Furney is a legend in Southern Ontario magic circles
having helped out countless young magicians including
Doug Henning.  Hugo is an experienced performer having
entertained in the Niagara area for over 45 years.  He played
Merlin at Henry VIII Banquets at the Buttery Theatre
Restaurant in Niagara-on-The-Lake and was the first
resident magician at the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame in
Niagara Falls Ontario.  Hugo is member of I.B.M. Ring 12
Buffalo, Ring 49 Hamilton, Ring 294 Fonthill and is Order of
Merlin.  He is a member of the Junior Chamber of
Commerce, Past President Thorold Jaycees and Lifetime
JCI Senator.  Hugo was Editor/Publisher of the Thorold
News, one of the first Newspapers to be produced on
computers using Desktop Publishing (Pagemaker).  
Computer wise, he is a member of the NAMUG club, the
Niagara region users grop and currently puts out their
newsletter.  Hugo has 6 children and 12 grandchildren, likes
fishing, has a bass boat but can't seem to find the time to
use it.  He volunteers at the MacKenzie Print Museum in
Queenston, Ontario helping out once in a while to give
regular staff a day off.  He has worked in the printing
industry for over 40 years, starting after school, then
attending Western University, Graduating in Journalism in
1952.  Hugo has seen many changes in the printing industry
and has set type by hand, linotype and then computer.

Since June 7, 2002