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Cachia, Edward M.    1930
                                       Birth Place: Malta
                                       Moved to Canada 1949
                                       r. Georgetown, Ontario
                                       Assisted Malta magician Prof. X.
                                       Performed in Oshawa Ontario at churches, schools,
                                       Kresge's Christmas parties and others.  
                                       Joined I.B.M. 1954/55, friends of Johnny Giordmaine,
                                       Fred Ruby, Bruce Posgate and Jimmy Lake.
                                       Children: 6
                                       Member: B.A.M. , I.B.M.
                                       Recently returned to magic!
                                       (Posted May, 30, 2001)

Caesar, Ben1977
b. 1977
r. Guelph, Ontario
Won Silver medal in stage at SAM Convention 1998 as
well as creativity award.

Caesar, Joan1946
  b. February 25, 1946
  Birthplace: Hamilton
  r. Elora, Ontario
  Children: David and Ben
  Schooling:MSc in Agricultural Economics and
  Extended Education and a Teaching Diploma.
  President and Founder, Canadian Association Of Magicians
  Past President, I.B.M. Ring 235/Kitchener, Ontario
  Past President, I.B.M. Ring 49/Hamilton, Ontario
  I.B.M. Territorial Vice-President Southern Ontario
  Joan Caesar is the President and founder of the Canadian
  Association Of Magicians, an organization dedicated to the
  promotion of magic and magicians in Canada.  The CAM also
  runs a convention every second year, featuring Canadian
  magicians as well as magicians from around the world.  She
  is also a regular at many conventions through-out the USA
  and Canada.
  Joan performs her children's magic act at libraries, schools,
  and birthday parties.
  Joan is a leading organizer of magic events in Southern
  Ontario and a great supporter of magic and magicians in

Camirand, Guy19--
(much more to come)

Campbell, Jack19--

Carte, Henry B.19--
Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto

Chapin, Marshall A.19--
Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto

Chen, Juliana    19--
Born: Hunan, China
r.Vancouver British Columbia
At age 12, Juliana entered the Hunan School of Ballet and
Acrobatics.  After graduating, she worked there as a
ballerina until transferring to the China Acrobatic Troupe
as a foot juggler.  She started performing magic in 1982.  In
1986 she won 1st prize at the all China Best Magician
Competition and 2nd place the following year. 
In 1988 she immigrated to Canada and by 1991 she was
good enough to be awarded 1st place as best Magician in
In 1992, she entered and won 1st place at the I.B.M.
convention in Salt Lake City, becoming the first Chinese
Magician to have won 1st place. 
In 1996 she won 2nd in Germany and in September of 96',
Juliana won the Grand Prix and 1st place at Spanish XXI
Congreso Nacional De Magia Competition in Spain. 
The next year, 1997, saw Juliana win the top prize at
F.I.S.M. in Germany for Manipulation, becoming the first
woman to ever do so.
Juliana has appeared on the cover of almost every magic
magazine and magic publication in the world and has
performed on TV and in countries around the world for
many corporate and private functions.

Choiniere, Mario19--
r. Montreal
World wide performances including Singapore, Las Vegas
and Hamilton Mermudas, Mario has been a professional
for 15 years (as of 2004)

Cielen, James19—
Grew up in Winnipeg, Canada.
Began performing magic at the age of ten.
His skills became so polished that he began winning awards all over
the world.
From many years of practice and study, James developed his magic
skills for his show business career. Show business has both a
performing side and a business side. To develop his business skills,
James attended the University of Manitoba, where he majored in
marketing and received a Bachelor of Commerce Honors Degree.
James combined his magic and marketing skills to create illusions
for many companies' trade shows and sales meetings, custom
designing magic effects using the companies' own products.
Companies including IBM, Xerox, Rockwell, and Boeing, to name a
very few.
James performed at the International Brotherhood of Magicians
competition. Their highest award is the coveted Gold Medal. James
is the third person in history to receive this prestigious award.
James has performed around the world, and been seen on television
shows in the US, Canada, Japan, and in over 80 other countries.
In 1998, James moved to Las Vegas. His performing schedule has
kept him traveling around the world, with only short stays in his new
home city.

Clarke, Edger J.---- - ----
Charter member IBM Ring 49, Hamilton

Collins, Jeff      1963
                            (b. September 1, 1963)
                             Birth Place:Ancaster, Ontario
                             r. Halifax Nova Scotia
                             Performed in Canada, U.S.A. , Singapore
                             Career Highlights: Halifax International Buskfest (7 times),
                             G7 Summit, Singapore River Busker Festival,
                             Canadian National Exhibition, Summersault '98,
                             Entertainment Tonight, Sesame Street, Romper Room,
                             Wonder Why.
                             Known for: Setting fire to his face and riding on the backs ,
                             of Killer Whales.
                             Quote: "You say ooh, I say aah!"
                             Favorite trick, "Slight of tongue"
                             Pet peeve: People who lack a sense of humor
                            (entered June 4, 2001 from business card)

Cooper, Len      1928 - 2003
                             b. January 2, 1928 / d. January 24, 2003
Birthplace:Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
r. Toronto, Ontario
Member I.B.M. #3218312
Past President I.B.M. Ring 17
Magic Dealer and founder of Browser's Den of Magic, Toronto
First exposed to magic in 1939 at New York World's Fair. 
Watched pitchman demonstrating Svengali deck.  Two years
later at age 13 joined magic group at library.  In early 1940's
Len met other magicians by joining magic group F.A.M.E. run
by 'Doc' Abe Hurwitz, aka, Peter Pan The Magic Man.  Other
famous F.A.M.E. magic members included Albert Goshman. 
Len spent time at Tannens magic shop, eventually getting a
job from Lou Tannen.  In 1946, Len was sent into the army and
taught Morse code, his main contribution was in performing
magic for other servicemen, perfecting his act.  After the war
Len became a professional magician and performed in clubs
and television.  Because of hay fever, Len vacationed in the
Laurentians in Montreal and performed at the hotels to help
pay for his lodging.  He met his soon to be wife Bernice from
Toronto there and they married in 1956 and had three children.
After giving up magic for owning and operating a music shop
in New York for twenty years, Len and Bernice decided to
move to Toronto in 1975 and opened up The Browser's Den
Magic Shop.  Many magicians called Browser's there home
away from home like, Jay Sankey, Gary Kurtz, Doug Henning
and many passing through took time to stop by like David
Copperfield and Harry Anderson, to name a few.  In 1995 after
25 years in the magic business, Len and Bernice sold the
magic shop to Jeff Pinsky.  Len still helped at the shop on
Mondays up until his health started failing in May of 2002 due
to kidney problems.  Len was loved by many in the magic
community and is truly missed.
(submitted February 10, 2003 with excerpts from Jeff Pinsky)

Copeland, Joe19--

Craigen, Shelby Ernest Mathew     19--
Present member of the Edmonton Magic Club.
Member of Ring 28 IBM. Member of the Order of
Merlin , Shield, IBM since 1966. Worked with the
Reveen Show during the 1960's and 70's. Graduate
of the Alberta College of Art and Design,Citation
from The University of Alberta in Business
admin.Graduate of the graphic Communications
program at the Northern Alberta Institute Of
Technologies, Edmonton.Exhibit designer at the
Provincial Museum of Alberta 25 years. Retired.

Crispo, Dustin19-- -

Crockford, Ernie

Cullen, James H.---- - ----
  Charter member IBM Ring 49, Hamilton

Culos, David Mackenzie1961 - 2000
(b.March 19, 1961- d.March, 2000 - accident)
r.Coquitlam, British Columbia
Wife:Agnes Prince
Children:Maureen, Stephanie
Schooling:Vancouver College
Simon Fraser University
Victoria Universities
Member, MENSA
Worked, Worker's Compensation Board (B.C.)
I.B.M. #49595
First V.P. and Acting President -
I.B.M. Ring 92/Vancouver Magic Circle (B.C.)
Magic Technical advisor for films including-
NBC's "Night Visitor" and "Lake in the Woods",
Disney's "So Weird", as well as an actor.
Awards:Two time winner "Ray Gamble" -
Trophy from Ring 92 / "H.B. MacLean" Trophy,
"Cecil Ackery" Comedy Trophy

Cutts, Calvin19-- -
Since June 7, 2002