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Hades, Brian19--
Son of Mickey, currently owns and operates Hades
Publications (Calgary)

Hades, Micky1926 -
     Illusionist, magic dealer, publisher (much more to come)

Hall, Stanley (Stan)1896 - 1977
                    b. January 1896
                                          d. December 13, 1977
                                          Birth Place: Bolton, Lancashire, England
                                          Interested in magic since age seven
                                          Left England 1913, moved to Hamilton, Ontario
                                          1916 - 1919, served in Canadian Armed Forces,
                                          Presented Musical/magic act while in service.
                                          Returned to Canada and worked on act,
                                          1927 joined I.B.M.
                                          Founding member IBM Ring 17/Hamilton just after
                                          1927(pre. 1947)
                    Founding member IBM Ring 49/Hamilton (1947 Charter)
                   Charter member IBM Ring 17, Hamilton(pre. 1947)
                   Charter member BM Ring 49, Hamilton
                                         Appointed by then President W.W. Durbin, Stan was one
                                         of the first Canadian representatives of the I.B.M.
                                         Stan contributed to the Linking Ring as well as other
                                         magic magazines of the time.  Appeared and competed
                                         at I.B.M. conventions, winning for originality.
                                         In 1951, Stan did a three month tour of
                                         UK/France/Belgium visiting Rings,conventions etc..
                                         His home was the first meeting hall for Hamilton
                                         Ring 49's and earlier, Hamilton Ring 17's meetings,
                                         with it's giant living room, it was ideal for magic shows                                                 and meetings.

Hamel, Danys19--
  r. Montreal
  Magician/ Juggler/Unicycle rider

Hardie, Robert D.1915 - 1997
  (d.September 20, 1997)
  r.Peterborough, Ontario
  I.B.M. #7417, member Order of Merlin Excalibur

Hatfield, Murray1961
b. August 27, 1961
Birthlace: Calgary Alberta
Murray Hatfield became interested in magic at the age of 10,
after seeing a magician perform.  By 18, Murray chose to
pursue magic as his profession and his show continued to
evolve and grow.  He was soon touring the world,
performing in such diverse locations as Isreal, Cyprus, the
North Pole, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, the United
States and Japan.  In 1986 Murray was invited to be one of
the special guests in 'Illusions...A Magic Spectacular!' -
Canada's largest and most prestigious touring magic and
illusion show.  This was indeed an honor as no Canadian
performer had ever been a part of this show before. 
Murray's act was so well received that the following year, he
was invited to headline the show.  In 1992 Murray became
producer, director and star of 'Illusions'.   He has held this
position for eight years - creating an entirely new show
every year.  No other producer in the business has been
able to match this accomplishment.  During the years that
Murray has been involved, 'Illusions' has grown from a five
week tour to a seven week tour of just under 100 shows in
28 cities across the country.   In 2003, the show raised over
two million dollars for the sponsoring charities involved.
In 1992, Murray hired a young dancer named Teresa to
choreograph his dancers and act as dance captain.  It
wasn't long before she started playing a part in the illusions
as well.  With a background in dance, theatre and television,
she was the ideal assistant and ultimately evolved into
Murray's partner.  In addition to appearing on land, Murray
Hatfield and Teresa have appeared on numerous luxury
cruise ships around the globe.  They have cruised to the
Bermuda Triangle, through the Panama Canal and from the
Deep Caribbean to Alaska.

Hayes, Frank A.1916 - 1997
(d.August 8, 1997)
r.Stoney Creek/Hamilton, Ontario
Held I.B.M. #8834, member Order of Merlin Excalibur
Charter member IBM Ring 49 Hamilton Ontario.
Frank was a prominent Hamilton magician who many-
say was far ahead of his time.  In his early years, he-
performed fire and dove effects before most others.
Dressed impeccably in tux with East Indian make up,
turban, cape and having an assistant, Frank had an -
incredibly expressive face and his act was very-
theatrical. Frank faced many hardships in his life which-
never seemed to hinder him; hearing and speech -
impairment never slowed him down.  He learned sign -
language and was an avid lip reader which, he -
explained, helped him on occasion with his magic.
Frank was one of the most loved elders of Ring 49,
Hamilton Ontario, as he had great charter and was-
friend to everyone.  With a truly warm heart, he was-
always willing to share his knowledge with any magician,
young or old.  He had a great laugh and fantastic sense-
of humor. He was active in the community, belonging-
to the Hamilton Lodge AF and AM#562, Hamilton Shrine-
club, IOOF, and Moose Lodge. He is truly missed.

Head, Albert Vernon "Roy"1920 - 1996
     (d.August 9, 1996)
Predeceased by his wife Doris
Survived by wife Jean
      Children: Nancy Lee, Chris
I.B.M #45802
Active magician/ventriloquist since teens
Known by many great magicians of the time,
as he entertained troops in WWII
Roy introduced well-known Canadian -
Country and Western star Tommy Hunter -
into show business
In the final years of his life, Roy taught magic -
to children in London Ontario and received
an Outstanding Citizenship award from the -
Mayor for this work.

Heeren, Jack1923 - 2002
                                b. 1923
                                Birth Place: Holland                                
                                d. January 29, 2002
                                r. Mississauga Ontario
                                Born in Holland in 1923, Jack received a "Magic Box" for his
                                12th birthday and was hooked. 
                                At age 16, Germany attacked Holland .
                                During occupation, Jack's home was taken over by German
                                troops and Jack lived with his family in their basement. 
                                In 1945, Holland was liberated and the allied soldiers also
                                took over Jack's home.  British and Canadian soldiers were
  most numerous and night after night, Jack entertained the
                                troops at home, parties or "rest camp evenings".  By this
                                time Jack had broadened his repetoir to include hypnosis
                                and mentalism.
                                Immediately after the war, as a Scoutmaster, Jack was asked
                                to accompany a group of children to England, where they
                                would be fed and looked after to recover from the war years. 
                                In England, Jack performed for many including visiting Queen
                                Juliana of the Netherlands.
                                During the next four years, he developed a children's act and
                                puppet show and traveled by bicycle all over.
                                Jack soon started a career as an accountant in Holland,
                                where he also continued magic, appearing on Television
                                before people like King Saoud of Saudi Arabia and Haile
                                Selassie of Ethiopia.
                                In 1954 Jack took first prize in mental magic at the NMU
                                convention in Netherlands.  In 1955, he won first at the Radio
                                City Competition with his mental act.
                                 In 1959, Jack, his wife Henny and their 3 children immigrated
                                 to Canada where he found a job as an accountant and once
                                 again started performing magic.
                                 Jack held I.B.M. #18086 and has been a continuous member
                                 of the I.B.M. since 1961, Past President of the Toronto Hat
                                 And Rabbit Club and the Kitchener Hat And Wand Club. 
                                 Jack was also a member of the English Magic Circle and The
                                 Canadian Association Of Magicians. Also Member ...
                                  I.B.M. Ring 49, Hamilton, Ontario and  Canadian Association
                                 Of Magicians Board Member.
                                 Jack once said,
                                 "There simply is no brotherhood like the magic brotherhood"
                                  (Submitted by Joan Caesar January 30, 2002)

Heft, Rodney M.1944
b.June 26, 1944
b.p.London England
Order of Merlin Shield
Rod was born in Great Britain and spent most of his life in
Canada.  On May 25, 2006, he became a naturalized -
American Citizen.
Rod became interested in magic around the age of nine. 
Rod's serious interest in the craft began at the age of
sixteen when he read The Amateur Magician's Handbook by
Henry Hay.  Rod performed at children's parties, adult
functions, restaurant magic, street magic and in schools. 
Because of his interest in the history of magic, Rod wrote
articles on that subject for Levitator, the official publication
of the now-defunct Society of Canadian Magicians.  Rod is
presently writing historical articles for Northern Peaks, the
official publication of the Canadian Association Of
Magicians.  He has been mentioned in Dr. Bart Whaley's
Who's Who In Magic, John Booth's Creative World of
Conjuring and Hay's The Amateur Magician's Handbook. 
Rod collects books, tokens, stamps and colour changing
knives.  Rod was inducted into the IBM Order of Merlin
Shield on July 4, 2003.

Hemeon, Carl

Hemming, Fred19--
Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto

Henning, Doug 1947 -  2000 
Birth place: Winnipeg, Manitoba
(Douglas James Henning)
b. May 3, 1947 - d. February 7, 2000
Schooling: McMaster University
Wife: Debby (Douillard)
Shows: Spellbound - Royal Alexandra Theatre (Toronto)
The Magic Show - Broadway (May 1974)
Merlin - Broadway (February 13, 1983)
Doug Henning's World Of Magic - Broadway
Television Specials: Doug Henning's World Of Magic,
                                                                           + 7 more specials...
Hotels: Las Vegas Hilton
Sahara Tahoe
Awards: "Georgie" - Entertainer of the Year
  (American  Guild Of Variety Artists)
  "Magician Of The Year" - Magic Castle
Recently, I.B.M. Ring 49 Hamilton, Ont. Canada named - 
"The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club" in his honour.
(More info to come...)

Herman, Ronald B. 1936 - 1997
      (d.September 22, 1997)
(r.Montreal, Quebec)
I.B.M. #17350
Exceptional close-up artist
also known as WWII Historian,
had encyclopedic knowledge of magic history
Chess Master

Hewitt, Douglas Maxwell1926 - 1997
(d.January 29, 1997)
Wife: Joan(Platt)
Children: Martin
I.B.M. # 16476 twice President IBM Ring 49
Past I.B.M. TVP for Ontario
WWII veteran
Worked for G.W. Robinson, Dominio Stores -
as commercial artist, retired to work for
McMaster Medical Centre, Hamilton, Ont. Canada
Better known as Maxwell the magician, for more
than 40 years entertained with magic.
Long time member and Elder at St. John -
United Church, very involved in Church's charity -

Hobson, Alexander W.   1959 -
b.November 6, 1959
Born: November 6, 1959 Tillsonburg, Ontario
First magical influances, Johnny Giordmaine -
Saw Johnny perform in school.
Uncle (Alex Brunt) performed cig. through hanky,
nickles to dimes, other "Real Magic"
Mrs. Smith, Arcade Magic Shop/Toronto
Past President I.B.M. Ring 49/Hamilton
Past Board of Director member, Canadain Association-
of Magicians
Awards: Two consecutive years,
"John E. Shipton Achievement Award" from Ring 49,
"Sid Lorraine Achievement Award" For contribution to
excellence in Magic in Canada 2010 from C.A.M.
Master Cabinet Maker, Broadcaster, Writer
Performed and taught magic through
High Schools, community centers, schools -
private functions.
Developed this web site, past webmaster for-
IBM Ring 49 and CAM
Past Member: I.B.M., C.A.M., S.A.M., Lifetime N.A.A.V.
Society Of Canadian Magicians

Holden, Reginald "Reg"1924 - 1999
(d.June 25, 1999)
Wife: Patricia
Children: Sheranne, Judy, George, Preston,
    Dianne, Glen. 14 Grandchildren
   3 great-grandchildren
I.B.M. #7285, member Order of Merlin Excalibur
Lifetime Member and Past President-
I.B.M. Ring 17/Toronto, Ontario
Worked for Canada Life Assurance Company
Became magic teacher and lecturer for Toronto-
School Board.
Known for his original interpretation-
of classic effects.

Hood, Scott19-- -
r.Oakville, Ontario
Past President, I.B.M., Ring 49, Hamilton Ontario

Hooton, Cam     19-- -
r. Burlington, Ontario
Past President, I.B.M., Ring 49, Hamilton, Ontario

Hopman, Marien          
                                         r. Chatham Ontario
                                         Birthplace:Holland. Immigrated to Canada 1953
                                         Twin brother is a ventriloquist
                                         Marien was hooked on magic from watching Milky -
                                         (Clare Cummings) on Detroit TV
                                         Started ordering magic from ads on the back of
                                         comic books and later from catalogues ordered from
                                         Popular Mechanics magazines.  Marien learned the
                                         'real works' from Roy Kissel and Karrell Fox at
                                         their Detroit shop.
                                         2002 marks the 35th year of Marien attending
                                         the Abbott Get-Together.
                                         Member: Canadian Association of Magicians #112
                                                           Fellowship of Christian Magicians
                                         (submitted by Marien Hopman June 5, 2002)

Houghton, Norman1909 - 1998
(Norman DeBlois Houghton)
b.February 3, 1909 - d.March 4, 1998
Born: Montreal, Quebec
Wife: Shirley
Children:Jocelyn, Keith
I.B.M. #8866
Past President I.B.M. Ring17/Toronto
Worked professionally with magic and Punch-
and Judy act in early days. Favorite interest, Close-up
Regular at FFFF.
WWII posted in Italy with Stewart James, on leave , -
performed Magic Circle in London
Marketed many magic items including "Kismet"
Book, postumously released, "Wizardry: The Magic -
Of Norm Houghton".

Hunt, Doug1956
                             Born:July 18, 1956
                             Birth Place: Paris, Ontario, Canada
                             r.Brantford, Ontario
                             As a young boy, shy, withdrawn and with speech problems,
                             Doug Hunt's outgoing father taught him the French Drop
                             and how to juggle.  Doug's first trick, which he 'almost bought',
                             was, multiplying billiard balls which Doug walked out of a
                             hobby shop with transfixed and forgetting to pay.  His dad later
                             told friends that "My son's first trick was making a magic set
                            disappear right under the storekeepers nose's.  Doug's first real
                            magic show was during a Wolf Cub family night where he made
                            a real egg appear from an egg bag his mom had made.  His big
                            finish was to juggle the egg with two rubber balls and have the
                            egg break on his head!  After the laughter, Doug was hooked.
                            Magician, juggler, stilt walker
                            Doug is the current Guiness World Record holder for:
                            Tallest and heaviest stilt walk ever made
                            Awards: Stan Hall stage award

Hurst, Robert O.19--
Charter member I.B.M. Ring 17 Toronto

Hutton, Darryl   1945
b.September 3, 1945
r.Kenilworth, Ontario
AKA. "Darryl the Wizard"... That Wild Man of Magic
Magic writer. Wrote: Doveworker's Handbook,
Volume 1 & 2, Published by Micky Hades, tricks
published in "Comedy Funnel Magic" published
by Micky Hades, 2 books published in England...
Modern Ventriloquism published by Kaye and Ward Ltd.,
(also published in Australia under separate cover as well
as American copy published in New York by Sterling
Darryl and Van Gorder were instrumental in forming the
Kitchener -Waterloo Magic Society which later became
incorporated into Ring 235 of the IBM.
                                     Submitted by Darryl/update Dec/24/2001e